Senior Executive, Business Analytics & Financial Planning

Business Analytics

  • Responsible for providing data tools and analysis-based insight that drive the success of our organization. From simple top-line reporting to thoughtful design of org-spanning A/B testing systems, you will create data solutions that uncover actionable business insight and shepherd the business through its data epoch
  • Perform end-to-end analysis and have the business acumen and technical skills to line up the two, persistently striving to achieve improved optimisation to meet Cocoba’s objectives (e.g. revenue growth, campaign ROI, etc.)
  • Operate as the go-to resource for our data and business analytics, working closely with departmental needs such as Growth Marketing, Customer
  • Experience, Supply Chain, International, Retail Operations, etc.
  • Provide proactive support in making sense of data and building models, presentations and recommendations for decision-making
  • Project owner in building company-wide dashboard tracking (e.g. Holistics dashboard platform), website/app dashboards such as GA, and so on
  • In an advisory capacity, work with the tech team (which owns data infrastructure for Cocoba) to build and maintain a best-in-class data infrastructure setup, from which data reports will draw from

Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Responsible for keeping best-possible estimates on financial forecasts on a weekly basis; working with country and business teams’ input to update these forecasts as and when new information is available
  • Work with country and business teams’ input to propose a set of targets and budgets for management’s approval, for both the regular monthly budgeting process and for ad hoc requests; to your best ability, represent the Cocoba’s view in giving honest feedback on country and business teams’ proposal to management
  • Work with Finance (which provides Actual data on financial accounts and performance) to analyse country and business teams’ performance against targets and report findings, feedback and solutions from this analysis with management
  • Through analysis of Cocoba’s financial accounts and performance, persistently strive to achieve improved optimisation and performance to meet Cocoba’s objectives by reporting findings and solutions to management