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Delivering Global Happiness

We are Dreamers of the impossible who challenge ourselves to make it happen.

Having started in Singapore as an F&B company in 2007 before launching IRVINS Salted Egg in 2014 and Saiko Butter Brew in 2018, IRVINS Salted Egg is now present in 5 countries including Singapore, Philippines, Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Our people are integral in shaping our global journey from this early phase.

Imbued with the resilience of a 10-year-old company and the energy and spirit of a 4-year-old startup, we empower our family members with autonomy and freedom to experiment in a product-driven environment full of incredibly difficult challenges to solve.

It's an immensely exciting time for us and our customers as we pursue our vision of delivering happiness worldwide.


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Although we are unable to follow-up with each and every applicant, we will do our best to run a thorough process for candidates with whom we identify a potential fit.

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