Head, E-commerce



  • This is a P&L managing role, managing both Cocoba’s proprietary ecommerce system and partnerships with third party ecommerce systems.
  • Conduct research, provide relevant solutions and set up the e-commerce process to ensure quality service delivery to customers.
  • Manage all online activities in relation to traffic acquisition, sales, conversion, platform testing and reporting.
  • Collaborate with other teams to ensure smooth development and performance of e-commerce website.
  • Establish good partnership with relevant vendors.
  • Develop and implement ecommerce strategy in order to improve website performance.
  • Other administrative and operational duties aligned with a start-up business.


  • Managing the tech team to drive the customer facing technologies and related integrations and tech stack required. 
  • Distill Management and company directions, into tangible strategies and roadmap goals with Tech team.
  • Gets various feature and support requests from all countries, so acts as the gatekeeper to prioritize for the team.
  • Thinks of the large picture, the Online-to-Offline customer journey and our operational needs, to drive the continuous improvements in our user experience which would thus drive sales.
  • Leads the business and big picture aspects and transform them into strategies and tactics which Tech team transform into actionable technical challenges.